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SFMT Wireless Doppler

SFMT Ultrasound Wireless Doppler is complete and accurate like a traditional Doppler, but with the advantage of being portable.
It works with every iOS, Android and Windows device.
wifi doppler ultrasound probe
Watch the video

A complete doppler diagnostic with our wireless colour doppler

In the video, one of our clinical partners carried out a Carotid Ultrasound Scan and a Venous Ultrasound Scan with our SFMT Colour Wireless Doppler Probe (128 elements linear array)
SFMT Wireless Doppler Probe Video Configuration

Saint Francis Medical Technologies Wireless Doppler

Features and specifications

Device compatibility

Works with any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Android, and Windows device.


Different frequencies depending on the model. 

see our configurations

Record Battery

3 hours of measurement. The probe can be charged while working using its wireless charger.

Saint Francis Medical Technologies SFMT Wireless Doppler

Light and beautiful

Starting from 270gr and 156×60×20mm

Different frequencies depending on the model. 

see our configurations

Display Mode

B, B/M, color, PW, PDI

Accurate measurements

Length, Area, Circumference, GA (CRL,BPD,GS,FL,HC,AC)
Technical specifications may differ depending on the configuration of the device
The device shown is the 128 elements Linear Colour Doppler

Our Colour Wireless Probes

Most Popular!

128 elements linear


  • 128 elements
  • Linear array
  • Frequency: 7.5/10 Mhz
  • Device: iOS, Android, Windows

This is the device shown in the images/videos above

192 elements linear


  • 192 elements
  • Linear array
  • Frequency: 7.5/10 Mhz or 10/12 Mhz
  • Device: iOS, Android, Windows

192 elements convex or micro-convex


  • 192 elements
  • Convex or Micro-Convex array
  • Frequency: 3.5/5 Mhz (Convex), 5/7 Mhz (Micro-Convex)
  • Device: iOS, Android, Windows

192 elements transvaginal


  • 192 elements
  • Transvaginal array
  • Frequency: 6/8 Mhz
  • Device: iOS, Android, Windows

3 in 1 Wireless doppler


  • 192 elements
  • Linear, Convex and Cardiac
  • Frequency: 3.5/5MHz (Convex), 7.5/10MHz (Linear), 2.5/5MHz (Phase control)
  • Device: iOS, Android, Windows
*Prices do not include VAT (reverse charge)

companion app

Easy-to-use companion app
with powerful tools

wireless ultrasound color doppler for ipad ios iphone
wireless ultrasound color doppler for ipad
wireless ultrasound color doppler for windows
SFMT Wireless Ultrasound Probe Demo
WiFi Connection Status
Patient information
Depht, Frequency, Dynamic Range, Image ENH
Image Area
Freeze/Live Status
Freeze/Live Control
Gain adjustment
Cine Loop Slider
Cine Loop Controls
Image Saving Button
Video Saving Button
8 Segments TGC
Image note
iPad/Tablet Battery

Wireless charging

SFMT Wireless Probes come with wireless chargers. They will automatically charge when you don’t use them.
However, they can be charged via a USB cable, as well.

The device shown is the 128 elements Linear Colour Doppler
color ultrasound doppler wireless charging


Watch a diagnostic video

Here you can see a video of a SFMT Wireless Doppler Probe diagnostic.
One of our researchers carried out a carotid ultrasound scan over a healthy patient (using our 128 elements Linear Color Doppler)

SFMT WiFi Color doppler video demo

getting started

1 minute configuration


Turn on the wireless probe
Press and hold the button on the device


Open Wi-Fi settings on your iOS/Android Device


Connect to the Wi-Fi network of the probe
You will find the password on the back of the device


Download and open the companion app
WirelessKUS download link: iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

SFMT Wireless Doppler Probe Video Configuration

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