Normatec Via

NormaTec Via is a non-invasive, painless, pneumatic compression device that treats a variety of peripheral circulatory conditions. Delivers precisely calibrated and software-controlled treatment for conditions such as chronic wounds or ulcers, venous insufficiency, lymphedema, and prevention of DVT.

The Via Series treats your condition



Lymphedema is swelling that may occur in arms or legs, usually after lymph node removal or damage during cancer treatment. It can lead to skin infections and interfere with activities of daily living but can be treated effectively treated by the NormaTec Via Series.

Chronic, Non-Healing Wounds

Poor circulation in the legs, often due to diabetes, can cause non-healing wounds and cellulitis. The NormaTec Via Series can effectively treat chronic wounds and reduce wound recurrence.

Venous Insufficiency

Venous Insufficiency, where blood flow through the veins is impaired, can lead to swelling, pain, varicose veins, and even ulcers. The NormaTec Via Series helps restore circulation and treats venous insufficiency.

Prevention of DVT

Deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot in a vein deep in the body, can be prevented with regular use of the NormaTec Via Series.


Other Vascular Disorders

NormaTec Via Series compression therapy improves circulation and can help treat many other vascular disorders. Speak with a NormaTec team member to learn about your condition at 800.335.0960 ext. 150.

Why Choose the Via Series

  • Effective

    Profound healing results

  • Simple

    Easy to use, easy to clean

  • Customizable

    Focused treatment, custom garments

  • Portable

    Small, lightweight, durable

  • Affordable

    Covered by Medicare, many HMOs, PPOs, & select state Medicaid plans

  • Reliable

    FDA-cleared, patient and doctor trusted

What is pneumatic compression?

Pneumatic medicine is the use of non-invasive, painless, dynamic external compression to treat a variety of medical conditions including swollen limbs, non-healing wounds, lymphedema, and other circulation-related disorders.

You may benefit from the NormaTec Via Series if you have swollen legs, swollen arms (especially from breast cancer), diabetic or other non-healing wounds, cellulitis (skin infection), varicose veins, or cramping and pain after walking short distances.

Our priority is to help you restore healthy circulation.

We understand how important our device is for patients, so we do everything we can to help you obtain and benefit from a NormaTec Via Series system. We work closely with you, your doctor, and your insurance company to verify eligibility, negotiate maximum coverage, obtain all authorizations needed, and ensure you can access our life-changing technology.


The NormaTec Via

The NormaTec Via is an E0651 pneumatic compression device featuring our patented NormaTec Pulse Technology and digital controls for precise treatment.

The NormaTec Via Elite

The NormaTec Via Elite is an advanced E0652 pneumatic compression device with complete touchscreen controls for a fully customizable treatment.
  • Small design makes treatments simple and convenient (3.2 lbs)
  • Easy on-and-off attachments and one simple connection
  • Use on the arms, legs, or hips (even over amputations)
  • Patented NormaTec Pulse Technology
  • All the features of the NormaTec Via
  • Adjust settings or fully customize your treatment right on the touchscreen
  • Large, easy-to-read touchscreen

Both Via Systems Feature

Pressure from 30-110 mmHg
Overlapping zones for maximum therapy
Boots with zippers and integrated tubing
Whisper quiet technology
Lightweight and small design
Precise, digital control and accuracy


Free consult with a doctor before purchase

The NormaTec Via Series are precision medical instruments and are available only by the prescription of a licensed healthcare practitioner. SFMT offers the expertise of its staff to patients who want to find out whether Normatec Via is suitable for their needs. Patients can book an appointment for a video call with a doctor selected by SFMT. If the doctor considers Normatec Via to be useful for the patient's clinical condition, the patient can decide whether to proceed with the purchase. The consultation is completely free of charge.
  • 1

    Book an appointment
Book an appointment for a video call by filling in the form on our website. The visit is free of charge.
  • 2

    Talk to a doctor
During the visit, you will be asked to describe your clinical situation. The doctor will decide whether Normatec Via is suitable for your needs.
  • 3

    Buy or rent
If the doctor thinks that Normatec Via may be useful for your condition, you can decide whether to buy the product or hire it.

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